Don’t be evil. Technologies of organization and entrepreneurship

The ubiquity of digital technologies and the ‘datafication’ of everyday life correspond to new organizational processes and forms. Human enterprise and organizational practices of all kinds are mediated by pervasive computing, by its codes, devices and infrastructures. The future of organizations and even societies, or so it is claimed time and again, would depend on becoming fit for the ‘digital age’, on grooming ‘digital entrepreneurship’ and on embracing new technologies in organizing work and life. Yet the very organizational forces unleashed by these technologies, and by the organizations behind them, provoke a whole range of concerns and critiques, from ‘surveillance capitalism’ to ‘digital Taylorism’.

More than ever, organization and entrepreneurship are shaped by images and practices of technological connectivity. Yet technologies of organization and entrepreneurship are never neutral: they condition relations of power and control, disruption and emancipation.

The summer academy explores the intimate relations of digital technologies, organization and entrepreneurship. Students and lecturers interrogate and reflect how digital technologies change the way we organize and the way we are organized. They focus on historical trajectories, scrutinize today’s entrepreneurial and organizational contexts of algorithmic management, platform and surveillance economies, and ponder alternative forms of socio-technical organizing.