Virtual Edition 2020

Don’t be evil.
Technologies of organization
and entrepreneurship

European Summer Academy
May 24–29, 2020

More than ever, organization and entrepreneurship are shaped by images and practices of technological connectivity. Yet technologies of organization and entrepreneurship are never neutral: they condition relations of power and control, disruption and emancipation.

The summer academy explores the intimate relations of digital technologies, organization and entrepreneurship. Students and lecturers interrogate and reflect how digital technologies change the way we organize and the way we are organized. They focus on historical trajectories, scrutinize today’s entrepreneurial and organizational contexts of algorithmic management, platform and surveillance economies, and ponder alternative forms of socio-technical organizing.

Photo: Simon Denny, Game of Life: Collective vs Individual Board Game Display Prototype, 2017 (detail). Private Collection, Auckland. Courtesy of the artist and Michael Lett, Auckland.