The art museum assite of organizationalchange

A MOK meets C&O Seminar

11.04-15.04.2023@Kunstmuseum Basel

On invitation by the Kunstmuseum Basel, the Haniel Spring Academy “Organizing Culture: The Art Museum as Site of Organizational Change” will investigate the organizational challenges that museums face, and reflect upon responses and new practices of organizing. Students will have the unique opportunity to empirically engage with a leading art museum and the wider institutional landscape of organizing art and culture. As a site-specific course dedicated to fieldwork-based teaching and learning, the participants will be able to take a closer look behind the scenes, explore the museum’s processes, technologies and atmospheres of organizing, and engage with its curators, technicians, administrators, educators and managers. Joined by further guests and experts, we will jointly work towards an exhibition of the studentsʹ findings on the museum as site of organizational and cultural change.


Migration,Organization,and UrbanEntrepreneurship


How can we understand migration as organizational and entrepreneurial force and phenomenon? How does migration reorganize the cities we live in, its spaces, practices and imaginaries? The European Summer Academy will investigate organizational practices, forms and atmospheres of “migrant organizing”. We will explore the city of Berlin as empirical site of organizing: from small‑scale entrepreneurship to globalized networks, from political initiatives to protest movements, from spaces of solidarity and care to sites of struggle, from the historical embeddedness of migration in the urban landscape to the city’s contemporary transformations.