Various usage of drones in Corona pandemic times

We talked about different phenomena, how we are influenced by Corona in our everyday life. The mask duty, not going out as much etc. According to this we talked about countries in which drones are used to ensure social distancing. 


Drone enforces COVID-19 lockdown in Brussels

Police drones are used in Brussels to remind people out and about to remain within social distancing guidelines. Check it out.


 How to ensure social distancing in rural hard to reach parts of India? Drone works!


Madrid police use drones to broadcast messages amid coronavirus outbreak. 

Police in Madrid used drones to broadcast audio messages asking the public to stay at home, as restrictions on movement were enforced. The country ordered its 47 million citizens to stay indoors except for necessary outings, like buying food and medicine. Have you heard that?


New Jersey City uses drones to enforce social distancing guidelines, conditioned by a fine.


How drones and other technology are fighting Coronavirus? European Parliament highlighted their impacts and developments.


Angles of our interest within the topic:

  • To explore how the drone wants you to act
  • Drone as a source of information for people
  • Impact on human behaviour
  • Question of power and governance


Yash, Daniel, Josi, Matteo & Barbora